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Born out of necessity, Manufacturer Direct Distribution is a bridge between quality manufacturers and their customers. Opeining doors that previously have been locked by larger and more prominent distribution entities. Business has changed since the econemy fell in 2008. Our intent is to help you change with todays markets. 

How Manufacturer Direct Distribution Came To Be

Mike Melaney


Phone: (706) 399-6006

After 20 years in the water industries I started to see a real knowledge gap when visiting customers. I have spent my career in every aspect of the industrial and municipal water treatment markets. In that time I have held positions from draftsman in a small family owned manufacturing company to Director of Sales and Marketing for a Manufacturer's Rep Firm. 

I have seen an evolution of business that went from service oriented to coin operated and everything in between. In todays "Lean" business environment employees are tasked with more and more and dont have the opportunity to learn about the products that they manufacture, represent, or specify. Often times there are better alternatives available but they just dont know where to find them or even that they exist.

This is where the idea for Manufacturer Direct Distribution took hold. After 20 years in the manufacturing and supply markets I have put together a number of strategic partnerships and personal relationships that give Manufacturer Direct access to some of the best products in the industries we serve. We have distribution agreements with large manufacturers and fabrication facilities that allow us to provide high quality products at incredibly competitive prices. 

Give Manufacturer Direct Distribution the opportunity to help with  your sourcing needs, and bring to bear the years of experience that can help fill the knowledge gap that you may be facing. Contact us today and see what we can accomplish together.

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